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Tiffany N Kilby headshot

Tiffany N. Kilby
Founder & Director

Founder & Director: Tiffany N. Kilby

Tiffany N. Kilby, MS, BCBA is the founder and director of The Behavior Station, LLC.  She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), and specializes in working with individuals with autism.  Tiffany’s journey with autism begin at birth; she has a lifetime of personal experience with autism and related diagnoses.  Tiffany grew up with individuals diagnosed with intellectual disabilities and has family members diagnosed with and red-flagged for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  She was taught early on that everyone is different, and despite individual differences, everyone should be given the opportunity to learn.  As a result, she chose to head towards a career in autism, where she quickly crossed tracks with behavior analysis.  It was then that Tiffany realized raising autism awareness was only half the journey.  She also has a passion for educating people about behavior analysis, due to its rigorous research standards and consistent demonstrations of effectiveness (especially in cases of autism, although that is not effectiveness’ final stop).  Tiffany became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst after she earned a bachelor’s degree with emphasis in applied behavior analysis from Florida International University and a master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Florida State University, Panama City.  In addition to being a member of local, state, and international behavior analysis associations, Tiffany is also the Chair of the Ethical & Professional Special Interest Group of the Florida Association for Behavior Analysis (FABA), member of the Local Review Committee in South Florida, and a supervisor for private companies providing applied behavior analysis (ABA) services.  Tiffany’s experiences, leadership skills, and dedication as a BCBA led her to create The Behavior Station® platform.

Bridget Farrell

Bridget Farrell

Web & Graphic Designer: Bridget Farrell

Bridget Farrell is a designer, illustrator, and artist.  She creates and implements elegant and brilliant web solutions.  She graduated from Nova Southeastern University (NSU) with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Information Technology, with a concentration in Application Development.

To learn more about Bridget and her skillful web and graphic design, travel to her website,

Natalie De Paz

Natalie De Paz

Executive Coordinator: Natalie De Paz

Natalie De Paz is a budding writer based in sunny South Florida. She especially enjoys penning poetry, and holds a Bachelor’s degree from Florida International University (FIU) in Miami, FL.  She aspires to write fiction and screenplays; her greatest wish is to make a living writing creatively full-time.

To learn more about Natalie or read some of her work, travel to her “humble little slice of web,”

Sally at Train

Sally Fonseca

 Autism Acceptance™ Merchandise Coordinator: Sally Fonseca

Sally is the proud mother of two; Tiffany is her oldest.  Sally was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY; she moved to South Florida as a late teen.  In addition to having family members with special needs, Sally has worked with variety of individuals with special needs across different educational settings for over a decade.  Every day, Sally hopes to teach something new to the children she works with, and she also appreciates that every day, they teach her something new.

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