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Terms of Use for The Behavior Station® website

The following Terms and Conditions are an agreement between The Behavior Station, LLC (also referred to as “TBS”) and The Behavior Station® website’s users/viewers (also referred to as “you”). The use of The Behavior Station® website constitutes as agreement with these terms and conditions. Use of The Behavior Station® resources includes the website and its contents, social media, email, and any other means of interaction between you and TBS. Please note that The Behavior Station, LLC reserves the right to change these terms and conditions as necessary. It is the responsibility of the users to keep up-to-date with changes made to the terms and conditions of The Behavior Station® website.


Welcome to The Behavior Station® website. The purpose of The Behavior Station® platform is to educate individuals (e.g., parents, professionals, students, teachers) about behavior analysis, and also provide resources. Please see the mission and about The Behavior Station for more details regarding The Behavior Station® platform’s contribution to the public.

Copyright © 2014-2016. The Behavior Station, LLC. All rights reserved.

The Behavior Station® website’s contents, including downloadable files, are property of The Behavior Station, LLC unless otherwise specified. All contents in which The Behavior Station, LLC does not have ownership or licensing rights of will be acknowledged by authorship on the website, link, or downloadable file. Although protected by copyright, The Behavior Station, LLC grants permission for the use of The Behavior Station® materials in cases of training, clinical, or personal purposes. Under these circumstances, it should be noted that The Behavior Station does not endorse, support, or approve of any materials, documents, presentations, or any other resources used in conjunction with The Behavior Station® materials.

Users are prohibited from presenting The Behavior Station® materials as their own; users should acknowledge that the copyrights belong to The Behavior Station, LLC when applicable. Duplication of any The Behavior Station® materials for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

Resources Provided

Resources and references, including links, will be provided to support information on The Behavior Station® platform. These will be included for the convenience of the users/viewers of The Behavior Station® platform. To the best of their ability, TBS will carefully select and choose what external sources to include in its content, but TBS assumes no liability for the content of these additional resources.

BACB Disclaimer

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board Inc. (“BACB”) does not sponsor, approve, or endorse The Behavior Station, LLC or The Behavior Station® materials, information, or sessions identified herein.

Moderating Users’ Comments on The Behavior Station® website

The Behavior Station, LLC does not endorse, and is not liable or responsible for, the accuracy or reliability of comments made by third parties (e.g., users of The Behavior Station® platform). To the best of their ability, TBS will monitor posts made by third parties.

For integrity and confidentiality purposes, comments by The Behavior Station® website users will be monitored. TBS welcomes and encourages discussion via The Behavior Station® website. Please keep the comments relevant to the topics and mission of The Behavior Station® platform. It is at the discretion of TBS to decide whether to accept, reject, or edit the posting of comments submitted by users of The Behavior Station® website. Offensive, discriminatory, or inappropriate comments will not be approved. Differences in opinion are welcome, and will be posted as long as the comments are appropriate, tactful, on topic, and in accordance with science as applicable. Please note that if an “opinion” disagrees with facts or science, it will not be considered an opinion by these terms (e.g., the world is not flat no matter how many people say it is).

When posting comments, the user agrees to:

  • Represent only themselves, or their companies as applicable.
  • Maintain confidentiality
    • All users agree not to post other people’s identifiable information (including, but not limited to names, specific locations, name of schools).
    • All users hereby grant TBS permission to edit comments that are in disagreement and do not protect the confidentiality of other individuals, regardless of relationship between user posting and individual(s) in question.
    • All professionals using The Behavior Station® website, regardless of profession (e.g., behavior analysts, teachers, speech-language pathologists, students), will maintain the confidentiality of individuals with whom they have worked or are working with. This means that no identifiable information will be posted via The Behavior Station® website. Even in cases where the professional has written consent from the consumer or consumer’s surrogate/guardian to use their name or other identifiable information, the user of The Behavior Station® website understands that comments will not be approved, or may be edited, by TBS.
  • Respect TBS and The Behavior Station® website users
    • Offensive, discriminatory, or inappropriate comments will not be approved.
  • Honor the copyrights and trademarks of other companies, entities, or individuals.
    • TBS is not liable for copyright or trademark infringements by third parties. However, anyone wishing to report potential infringements may contact TBS.

Please limit comments to 300 words or less.  This is not intended to limit the user of The Behavior Station® website, but rather to keep the practicality of comments.  For comments that would exceed 300 words, please consider submitting a guest blog post; in the submission, include that this is in response to a particular blog and include the blog’s name.

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