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Yet another year has quickly gone.  As 2016 is coming to an end, it is important to monitor our behaviors, reflect on the journey of the past year, and look forward before traveling into the new year.  In 2016, The Behavior Station® platform worked primarily on behind-the-scenes tasks.  Similarly, in 2017, The Behavior Station® website will be less active, as we will continue to work behind the scenes to create more resources and dissemination tools for behavior analysis, as well as try to reach a larger community.  As we move forward into the new year, we used a list of goals that will take The Behavior Station® platform beyond 2017.

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The Behavior Station® Goals:

  • Become a BACB-approved Continuing Education (CE) provider
  • Create more resource materials to be shared with The Behavior Station® users
  • Collaborate with a variety of professionals and individuals (e.g., doctors, professors, parents, students, teachers, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists)
  • Start a discussion board/forum on The Behavior Station® website
  • Post at least 1 YouTube video per quarter
  • Provide Continuing Education (CE) opportunities to behavior analysts that are BACB board certified
  • Sponsor science-based associations
  • Increase connections on The Behavior Station® social platforms: reach 3,000 Facebook likes, reach 2,000 Twitter, reach 1,000 Instagram followers, reach 50 YouTube channel subscribers
  • Network with organizations that provide behavior analysis services
  • Present at non-behavior analytic conferences
  • Obtain funding to assist with The Behavior Station, LLC’s donated and voluntary efforts to disseminating behavior analysis on a larger scale


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The Behavior Station®

The Behavior Station®