The Behavior Station® Platform

Why The Behavior Station® Platform?

A station is a place where many trains enter from all directions, stop temporarily, and then continue the journey to final destinations.  The Behavior Station® platform is your hub for everything behavior analysis – the hub for you to stop, learn and contribute, and then continue your adventure to your journey’s end.  The Behavior Station® brand was purposefully chosen to emphasize the importance of having information travel from The Behavior Station® platform to the world and vice versa.  The Behavior Station® platform is not meant to be unidirectional.  Everybody behaves, and no one is immune to the principles of behavior (just as no one is able to defy gravity).  Therefore, everybody should be educated about behavior analysis.

Behavior analysis, put simply, is the scientific study of behavior.  Behavior analysis is like a station.  It is a large entity made of multiple platforms and tracks that are separate but also related.  One of the branches of behavior analysis is applied behavior analysis (ABA).  The purpose of ABA’s science is to better understand and improve human behavior.  Just as diverse individuals can travel through train stations, ABA can be used to better the lives of people of different backgrounds, cultures, and diagnoses.

Fundamentally, ABA can effectively serve as an aid in an infinite number of areas.  One of these areas is autism (and again, there have proven to be many, many more).  The founder of The Behavior Station® platform, Tiffany N. Kilby, has personal experience in the line of autism.  One of Tiffany’s cousins was born seven days before her.  When they were two years old, her cousin was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.  Stations and trains are symbolic of Tiffany’s lifetime adventure with her cousin.  Growing up, her cousin would only ride certain trains (e.g., red trains, letter J, number 1).  There were countless times that their family would not board a train heading in the direction they were going; they would wait for one of the trains that her cousin would ride.  While, in adulthood, this is no longer the case, Tiffany’s cousin still loves trains.  All of their united experiences have contributed to the creation of The Behavior Station® platform.

What distinguishes The Behavior Station® platform from the rest?

  1. You will not fine detailed advice for a specific scenario on The Behavior Station® platform.
    • This is to protect the users of The Behavior Station® platform and materials.  It could be irresponsible and potentially harmful to give precise advice without having first-hand information about the behavior in question.
  2. You will not find general advice or how to address certain behaviors or scenarios on The Behavior Station® platform.
    • Background information and details of behavioral procedures might be found on The Behavior Station® platform.  However, this will not be intended as a “how-to” guide, but rather to educate users of The Behavior Station® platform about behavior analysis.
  3. You will find resources, points, facts, and/or research summaries to support the information disseminated on The Behavior Station® platform or materials, and also to help passengers choose their own route.
    • The Behavior Station® platform is your hub for everything behavior analysis.  While specific recommendations will not be made, The Behavior Station® platform aims to provide the ticket to making educated treatment decisions about behavior analysis and science.
  4. Although not providing direct services, The Behavior Station® platform operates in compliance with the ethical codes of the BACB Professional & Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts.
    • Particularly relevant are the following:
      • 6.01 Affirming Principles
      • 6.02 Disseminating Behavior Analysis
      • 7.01 Promoting an Ethical Culture
      • 8.0 Public Statements
      • 10.06 Being Familiar with This Code

Why does The Behavior Station® platform have a blog?

Upon creating The Behavior Station® platform, something important to consider was the use of a blog.  Behavior analysis is science-based; how does a blog fit into that?  The purpose of the blog is to create a forum for discussion about behavior analysis, ABA, best practice, and other topics in line with the mission of The Behavior Station® platform.

For more information, contact The Behavior Station, LLC.

The Behavior Station, LLC is not an ABA service provider.  The mission of The Behavior Station® platform is to be a resource for science-based information.

The Behavior Station® is a trademark of The Behavior Station, LLC, Registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office.


The Behavior Station®

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